Preventive Measures in Wearing a Necktie

Neckties are basically the principal accessories for men. Neckties top up a man’s appearance whichever events he may be. A man looked more manly with neckties. Neckties does not only boost a man’s clothing but also it would help him make a good impression to the people. It is very important that a man should learn to be more selected on putting necktie to a specific suit. If a man wears a wrong necktie, it would result to disaster. Women this days can also use necktie as part of their dress accessory. For neckties to fit best with your suit, their are basic guides that you need to read more to properly execute them.

Picking the right tie, you should know about which material the necktie is made from. It is very important that before heading to the cashier to pay, you must ask more info about the tie and where it is made of. Silk ties are perfect because it’s best and easily worn and lightweight. Wool is next to silk although it’s less formal but it can still be worn with pride. A cotton type necktie comes in the last option because it’s not as lightweight as the silk. Choosing the perfect necktie color is also according to your liking. But their are few things that you should consider before choosing the color of your tie. Contrasting and complementing steps can be check it out more on the internet. Your tie should complement the shirt you are wearing. A simple illustration with this is that dark compliments with light, and light compliments with dark. You can also choice the same color but make sure that the other one has a darker or lighter shade. Picking a premier color that would match the tie would help to compliment a checked, striped and printed shirts. It is a bit confusing when dealing with patterned neckties. Basic rule in dealing with patterns is to choice solid color whether the tie or the shirt under.

Studies claimed that bacteria can stick to ties and can spread easily especially those in the medical fields. With this reason, medical doctors are not wearing neckties.

High blood pressure can sometimes be the cause of wearing neckties too tightly. Glaucoma can be get by tying neckties too tightly because this create an increase in pressure in the blood. Try not to wear neckties when you are working with rotating machines because this is very dangerous.