Fashion – The Story

With its commanding presence and industrial yet sophisticated design, Invicta?s Subaqau Noma III for men makes a big impact and boasts all the most attractive and time-testing features of a truly high-end wrist watch. Beginning with the Noma III?s dial, available in black or silver-tone, the eye is immediately drawn to the watch?s intricately perforated background, allowing a clever view of its inner workings and providing a bit of artistic flare at once.

If you’re intention is to be bold and get noticed, take a look at Duchamp-London cufflinks. Duchamp is a premium men’s accessories brand that has developed a global reputation for their use of vivid colours and detailed abstract designs. The cufflink shapes are classic and include rectangles, circles and ovals. The standout feature though is the vivid colour and design detail they are able to achieve through the use of hand enamelling. One of their signature cufflinks is the square Harlequin which has smaller squares of colour for a stained glass effect. Whilst most cufflinks have an abstract design, some include motifs such as paisley and floral patterns. Duchamp-London cufflinks make a strong style statement, and are there to be noticed. They are ideally suited for a confident man who wants to show that he has achieved a certain level of success and maturity.


Is it tough to decide which one you get?

They not only regulated the cut and style and materials of the graduation gowns, they also assigned the colors to each of the various academic disciplines. Ireally believe that the cut and style of your hair can transform your look and personality from grossly ugly to a glamorous look. Likewise, complement balance for a longish face is easy to do with a short full cut and style, rather than long and straight.

As we have seen through the reintroduction of Bell Bottoms, Tweed, and Danskins- fashions are cyclical and anything is possible. One fashion that has been long forgotten by the mainstream is making it’s way back from the history books. Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous designer who introduced man-skirts in the 80’s and produced costumes for Madonna in the 90’s, including her cone-shaped bra for the Blond Ambition Tour, is now setting his sights on a fashion for men, codpieces. A codpiece is a pouch that attaches to the front of men’s trousers to accentuate the genitals. It was widely used by European men during the 15th and 16th centuries. Even in a time before basketball players and porn stars, European men driven by insecurity, wore codpieces to provide the effect of having larger genitals.

Perrelet Watches ? Where do they “hang out” online?

Bold colours/patterns. This is your chance to really lead the pack. While many are okay with going out on a limb with frame type and shape, many more still struggle to pull the trigger on a bright red or green colour so prevalent throughout the 80s. And while too many are all too comfortable grabbing an understated, barely noticeable pattern, only the bold living on the cutting edge of fashion are gutsy enough to reach for those cheetah frames.

As the game is primarily played on spring and summer months each year, the clothes for girls’ are meant to make them feel comfortable while they are playing. Fashions of every decade find their way into the fashion of tennis clothes that girls’ wear. Shirts are popular with girls and the colors can be many or single. Fluid and free motion are what is aimed for while designing girls’ tennis clothes. They have to swing, swerve and hop around and require comfy clothes.


An edgy punk look is always a trending style from season to season; it’s just a matter of the clothes that make a difference when switching from a spring to a winter frame of mind. When trying these on, be certain that you try them on with you dress and that you look at yourself from all angles to be certain that you see no evidence of them.

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